July 2000









The present resurfacing of the call for BLACK REPARATIONS must be seen like the miraculous survival of a victim that has long been thrown off the ole pirate ship and left to drown. The re-emergence of this victim from beneath the waves of political and religious mis-education marks the blossoming of a new level of political maturity amongst the Black peoples of the world today.

Before the development of such political maturity, the people that were bred in bondage had long forgotten what freedom is all about, and therefore their vision of FREEDOM was confined to any new paint-job on the old slave house. But who could blame them? The only place where some of them had ever seen FREEDOM was on paper, and the vast majority could not even read, so they had little chance of even seeing it there. They had long grown accustomed to being treated like dogs, and many had come to believe the lie that Africa's poverty is the result of some form of intrinsic inferiority. They were therefore encouraged to blame themselves for their situation, and many preachers had explained "that is the way "GOD" made it to be."

In those times because it was so easy to pull a veil over the eyes of the people, many were led to believe that the gaining of political independence, and having a new flag, and not singing "God save the Queen" anymore was the real attainment of freedom. Having a Black Prime minister and a Black government looked very much like the children of slaves were now free at last. Just like they did on emancipation day, there was dancing and singing when the new flag was raised. In some quarters it was really believed that the provision of MORE JOBS, the building of better roads, and the right to sit at desegregated lunch counters would have meant an end to the downward slide of the carriage of protracted genocide. Little did the "ex-slaves" know that after the excitement, the "better roads" would lead to nowhere.

Aside from the wide-spread political ignorance that governed the people, there was also another factor that always made them cautious about their demands. They were quite aware of the long history of THE TERRORISTS and their capacity for becoming BEASTS. Even an attempt at registering to vote could bring down the lynching party, and if just a simple demand for the right to cross the segregated line could be met with such TERRORISM, like the murder of little children, they well understood that the hour of history was not yet on their side.

RACIAL TERRORISM was so dreadful in its restraint of the Black voice that only someone of privilege and high standing in white society could dare go before the seats of power and raise the call for BLACK REPARATIONS. That is why it was actually a white man by the name of Thaddeus Stevens of Pennsylvania who in 1867 placed the issue of REPARATIONS before the US fortieth congress in section 4 of HR 29.

Thaddeus Stevens, a white Republican, was not too blind to recognize that Reparations was the only just policy after enslaving a race for so many centuries, but the conscience of the slave holding nations was not susceptible to the bidding of such noble ideals. As they are accustomed to do when their clients have lots of money, "LEGAL MINDS" used their tricks successfully to keep the case out of the court house, so that it was eventually confined to the rubbish heap of history and the garbage bin of forgetfulness.

Unfortunately, throughout the history of The White World Order, the majority opinion has never been of the Thaddeus Stevens sort, and so, every effort has been made to delay the case for Black Reparations until the day when the excuse can now be offered that it has become an irrelevant issue because "TOO MUCH TIME HAS ELAPSED AND THE INJUSTICE HAPPENED TOO LONG AGO."

But suppose the criminal element of society learns from this lesson that CRIME can be made to benefit one's offspring as long as one can keep the case out of the court house long enough! If this lesson is taken as an example of what can be achieved by delaying the legal process, the criminal spirit is bound to be emboldened by the surety of such de-facto exoneration.

But this has serious consequences in terms of the NON-ETHIC that it establishes, which is nothing less than "CRIME DOES INDEED PAY." What a contradiction for a people who profess to be anti-terrorists, a people who profess to be defenders of "freedom and democracy" and "law and order," and upholders of "values."

The true principles of justice demand that as long as it can be shown that there are beneficiaries of the crime, there must be compensation for the crime, and this is not a very hard task. In the "developed" Euro-American nations of today that were founded on robbery and slavery, every single advantage that is enjoyed over those peoples who were dispossessed and enslaved, is an advantage gained from such history. Whether it be the physical infrastructure of the nation, the advanced economic level of the nation or the advanced social services of the nation, they are all benefits that are enjoyed by the inhabitants of such developed nations because of the labors of millions of slaves and underpaid laborers FOR CENTURIES. Not only is their present "first-world" status a benefit that is derived from having slave labor in the formative stages of their economic development, but such "first-world" economies have also benefited from centuries of draining the natural resources of the world's NON-WHITE peoples.

To put it in a nut-shell, as long as one is sheltered in the house that slaves built, one is benefiting from slave labor. The only way to escape this truth is to minimize the contribution of slave labor or to erase and distort history completely. This is the main reason why European history books describe ROBBERS as discoverers, and the victimized people as "savages", "cannibals" and "heathens." Such historiography is in the same vein as a CRIMINAL trying to cover up his tracks. If such covering up of tracks had not been done so successfully there would be no reason to have to argue the case for BLACK REPARATIONS today.

Whether they know it or not, the anti-reparations activists are really arguing that CRIME DOES AND SHOULD INDEED PAY. One only has to keep the case outside of the courthouse long enough till everyone agrees that the date of the crime is too far away.












Now that the time has finally come when the issue of BLACK REPARATIONS can no longer be shunned, it is also time to look at the role of MIS- EDUCATION to see how its widespread presence could make Reparations payments nothing more than a windfall bonus with very little long term effect.

It cannot be denied that MIS-EDUCATION is one of the main legacies of slavery and colonialism. Out of the crucible of racial terrorism and mis-education, a certain mind-set was programmed in the newly cloned creature called "THE NEGRO." This mind-set was designed to benefit those that had enough money to buy Black people and snuff out their identity in THE SLAVE-BREAKING PROCESS.

It is this slavery-inherited mind-set, scientifically known as ACUTE NEGRO PSYCHOSIS, that presently chains the vast majority of "ex-slaves" to the worship of A WHITE GOD-HEAD, and it is very rare to find an "ex-slave" who has miraculously emerged from its influence. The worship of the white god-head has become so normal on the plantation that even those who do not hold on to church and religion are still faithful to the white god-head through their cherishing of the same value system, the same standard of beauty, the same philosophy, and the same ideology as the white slave owner. It would not be overly inaccurate to say that roughly 99 percent of all Black people today worship the white god-head, and this is a direct result of having been BROKEN-IN, subdued, and DOMESTICATED by white slave owners.

Even in the blackest strongholds where everybody in government is black and all the lawyers and judges are black, the god-head that is worshiped is still WHITE. If you know a peoples' standard of beauty, their standard of values, their choice of philosophy, and their choice of ideology, you can know what god they are praising and worshiping. The Black man and black woman only have to examine themselves on the basis of this criteria and they will know what color god they are truly worshiping.



The Slave Owner's mind-set has always been focused on keeping his slaves in their place of subservience under his control, so naturally when slaves share their owner's mentality they actually collaborate in their own oppression, and by their choices, show a mis-educated preference for their state of TOTAL DEPENDENCY.


When the light of Black self-hood and ROYALTY is snatched from one generation, the next generation is left with mentors who are bereft of the light. Three and four generations later, there comes a generation that has neither mother, father or grandparent to whom they may look for light. Total darkness is the outcome. That is the kind of darkness where even the Teacher and the Preacher have completely lost touch with their own sacred historical origins that house the wellspring of their true soul, and like self-rewinding tape recorders, all that they can repeat is that which was given to them in the white man's house. The darkness can become so thick that the people find themselves chained in all sorts of emotional confusion, spiritual confusion, and even sexual confusion.

Men become confused and are not comfortable with being men, and women start to hate being women. In the UN-SURENESS of such spiritual confusion and gender confusion, the very sacred act of sex itself becomes a Demon in search of satisfaction beyond its natural boundaries, and there are few to whom the confused may look for guidance on what is right and what is wrong, what is natural and what is unnatural. When a people reach a state where there is no longer any clear voice on what is right and what is wrong, when no one is sure of what is natural and what is unnatural, it can be said that people is wallowing in the piss of their slave master.




Black humanity has been degraded to such great depths by its long sojourn under the degenerate rule of Greco-Roman and Sodom-and-Gomorrah culture that when the judgment FIRE comes down on Rome there will be very few Black people that will not be burned. Under the steady and relentless influence of the decadence and depravity that emanates from the soul of U-rocentrick civilization, the spiritually orphaned generations have become spellbound in the grips of immorality.

Such is the way of the continuing process of DEHUMANIZATION, and the shackles of immorality and decadence soon assume such a hold that The Slave Master no longer needs iron chains to bind his slaves. Every day their spiritual confusion will cause them to fashion more chains for themselves. This is the pit, the deep spiritual abyss from whence the souls of Black folks must now be dug if the glory of Black civilization is to shine again.


(He passes his world-view on to you, so that you hate your nose, you hate your hair, you hate your skin, and subconsciously despise anyone that carries the image that you yourself are trying to eradicate. Not only this, but your community-centered culture is turned into a parasitic vampire culture where your chief focus is to prey on each other. This explains hatred of locks and black on black brutality. All over Africa the African is no longer operating in his traditional community centered mode. He has been forced into a dog-eat-dog mode.This is the deep abyss from which the souls of Black folks must now be dug)

If the ultimate goal of the struggle for Reparations is only to put some more money in the pockets of Black folks so that they can survive more comfortably in the white man's house, the struggle would be meaningless to future generations. Without a Pan-African vision that has as its goal the establishment of BLACK NATIONHOOD with a restored concept of BLACK ROYALTY AND DIVINITY, the root of the problems that now face Black civilization cannot be rooted out. The truth must be faced that the problems are not only economic, political and cultural, but they are also spiritual in the sense of having been subjected to unnaturalness for so long that naturalness becomes an unwelcome stranger.


TRAPPED, domesticated, and tethered for centuries to the stake of unnaturalness, the caged and domesticated creature is apt to lose its spiritual equilibrium and forget what is clean from what is unclean, what is right from what is wrong, and what is high from what is low. This is the condition of the "ex-slaves" in this time, sorely in need of something more than a political movement, something that involves the reshaping of character in the similitude of ROYALTY. As long as such spiritual confusion exists, the God of confusion will continue to reign in his cloak of red white and blue. There is just no way of escaping it, you cannot praise the same god as the slaver and expect to be delivered from the slaver. If there is no spiritual revolution, Africans can easily find themselves building a United States of Africa that is no different from the United States of America. The only difference would be oppressors in black faces.


TRAPPED in the mixed-up meditations of acute Negro psychosis, and TRAINED as they are to give their strength to their owners, Negroes would still not emerge from their present position of total dependency if REPARATIONS were awarded on an individual basis. A few may use the money wisely, but the vast majority will give it back to their owners, and this will always be the case while the SLAVE-MENTALITY still exists.

Not only would the money filter right back to the slave master’s house because of mental slavery, but also because THE BASIC STRUCTURE of the global economic system is geared to drain the victims of slavery and colonialism, not to secure their independence.

If REPARATIONS payments are not wisely focused on breaking the cycle of chronic dependency, then a mere fifty years from now the Black children of tomorrow will be no better off for it. They will still inherit the situation of this present generation where they are condemned to be BOYS FOREVER in a white man’s world.

If it is to be true to its real purpose of resurrecting Black civilization from the grave of dehumanization and serfdom where it was interred by the forces of white racism, the focus of REPARATIONS must be on those lynch-pins of economic and psychological dependency that continue to keep slavery intact long after so-called “emancipation.”

The first and perhaps the most important of these unyielding cast-iron pins that keep slavery intact, is LACK OF CONTROL over the mind-manufacturing industry.

Slavery is a condition where the one enslaved has no control over his life. If someone else has control over the mind-manufacturing industry, one is essentially a slave in the controller’s hands. This lack of control that was lost in the pit of slavery and Colonialism means that present-day Black civilization is still living in a white man’s world.

What is the significance of the white man’s ownership and control over the mind-manufacturing industry?

It means that as a Black parent, your child is not your own. Just like it was on the plantation of old, from the day that the Black child is born his mind is injected with the Negro blue-print. This means that he is instantly being programmed to think in a way that benefits the owners of the plantation and to the detriment of his own race. It is the presence of this Negro blueprint in the Black man’s head that today causes him to collaborate in his own genocide. Removing this Negro blueprint must therefore be a central component of any REPARATIONS policy.

Without ownership and control of THE EDUCATION PROCESS, the minds of the newly compensated people would still continue to work against themselves in a way that would perpetuate their CHRONIC DEPENDENCY. “Ownership of the education process” should not be misunderstood as mere ownership and control of schools and universities, but also CONTROL OF THE THOUGHT PROCESS that sits within the books and the thought process that governs the television.

INTENSIVE effort backed by generous resources must be placed on The Project of Re-education. The people that have been mis-educated by the slave master to see themselves as separate peoples called Bajans, Trinidadians, Jamaicans, Afro-Americans, Ghananians and Nigerians, etc, must be re-educated to see themselves as integral states of ONE BLACK NATION. When it is recognized that artificial barriers of separate national identity were specifically created to facilitate the slave master’s control of the plantation, it will become clear that PAN-AFRICAN THINKING is the only life-boat for the drowning peoples of Africa wherever they are scattered. This new thinking can only be achieved if it becomes a priority on every school’s agenda, and the bottom line of every church sermon.

The truth must be faced that the education system that was inherited from the Slave-master was designed to keep the plantation running on a more sophisticated level. Better and more highly skilled SERVANTS was the goal, and it is not an accident that THE EDUCATED CLASS of Blacks today are for the most part ORDERS-TAKERS. There is absolutely no way how the cycle of dependency and subservience will be broken without the introduction of a new education system that has as its goal the development of AFRICAN NATIONHOOD in place of the present goal of Black servant-hood.

Seeing that the Black mind is still being invaded on all sides by the visions and ideas of the white man’s house, its rehabilitation will call for the setting up of a vast and all-encompassing PAN-AFRICAN CENTERED education system. It must be realized that NATIONHOOD is first and foremost AN IDEA that needs to be cultivated, and it could never have been cultivated in the past while the plantation was being run by white owners who wanted to keep Black slave hands tied to the plantation. If the idea of BLACK NATIONHOOD is not being cultivated in our present religious and education systems it is because such an idea will make slaves question their landless-ness and their powerless-ness. All the teachings, be they religious or otherwise that have bound the allegiance of Black peoples to their separate estates in the plantation economy are complimentary to the global schemes of THE WHITE WORLD ORDER.

The United States of America is AN IDEA that had to be planted and cultivated, and it was cultivated essentially for the betterment of white civilization. Separate groups of Europeans were taught THE IDEA of the USA, and the idea was not considered inconsistent with their religion. It is only slavery-inherited religion that holds the vision of BLACK NATIONHOOD to be unimportant and irrelevant to the pursuit of Godliness.
The white man had the wisdom to know that his personal security and prosperity depended on the establishment of A COMMON NATIONHOOD with a land base. Those who are presently known as JEWS also knew that scattered as they were in minority positions all over the globe, they needed a central land base that made NATIONHOOD a reality, and hence they set up the state of Israel.

The Black man must ask himself, Where is my vision of Black nationhood? Is my slavery-inherited religion blocking my mind from seeing the necessity for Black nationhood? Does my long-term security rest with the fragmented plantation identity?

Am I comfortable with my centuries-old task of building the white man’s house? Should I continue to invest my labors and my monies in the white man’s house when it is getting bigger and richer from my labors while Africa is getting poorer and more dependent every day?

Am I satisfied with my dependent position in world affairs where every major decision in my life as a Black man must be made by a group of white men who cannot help being racist?

Is this the situation that I want future generations to inherit? Am I contented with the island identity that the slave-master gave me so that I would remain a powerless satellite, always lingering on the outskirts of white prosperity?

None but the most drunken can fail to acknowledge the need to cultivate the idea of BLACK NATIONHOOD with the prospect of putting it into reality. If white men can come together from all parts of U-rope and build their white strongholds, why should the Black man not be doing the same? Why should the Black man continue to seek refuge in the white man’s stronghold instead of building his own?

In this stage of the struggle to correct the damage of slavery and colonialism, one of the greatest opponents is the white high-tech mind-control system that dominates the movie industry and global communications. It is so powerful that the way controlled people will be thinking fifty years from now can be plotted on a drawing board and then implemented without fail.

("FEELING SO SORRY FOR OURSELVES THAT GOD DID NOT GIVE US "BEAUTIFUL" STRAIGHT YELLOW HAIR, but thanks to the chemist and the hair-dresser, they can help us correct God's mistake with bleaching cream and wigs. Very soon if we bleach consistently and not take off our wigs we will achieve full equality.")












Therefore, to cultivate this idea of BLACK NATIONHOOD, major funding must also be allocated for the development of an independent Black theater and movie industry devoted to THE BLACK RESURRECTION. When the word “BLACK” is clearly defined as that which is conscious and effective in its capacity to break mental and psychological chains, there will be no chance of such a venture coming close to the Blakspoitation movie genre where “Black” just meant putting a black face in place of a white face.

Neither minds that are bleached white by the U-rocentrick aesthetic, nor minds that are bleached color-less by white-liberal education can create the groundwork that is necessary for Black independence and Black nationhood. More than enough time has passed under the influence of both forms of mind-control to show that such thinking ultimately perpetuates white domination.

In this project of repairing Black minds for the fulfillment of Black nationhood, it will not be enough to put financial resources into the building of schools, universities and movie studios, but paralleled with all this must also be funding for the type of scholarship that is necessary for producing Black-centered books and learning materials to fulfill A BLACK CURRICULUM

The building of any nation demands an education system that is centered within the struggles and ambitions of that nation. That is why the European education system has always been WHITE-CENTERED with a historiography that places slavers, colonialists, invaders and robbers at the center. The victims of the U-ropean project cannot correct their disadvantage or re-arrange their lives without an education system that is centered on their own historical perspective and national ambition. It must be BLACK CENTERED in order to be redemptive.

The importance of repairing Black minds has to therefore be seen as a major task on the REPARATIONS agenda, and success in this venture will determine whether generations fifty years from now or three hundred years from now will benefit from today’s struggles for REPARATIONS. The work of breaking down the mental chains of white racism and colonialism has to be seen for what it is, the only key to unlock the dungeon of captivity. Without a break-through in these stubborn walls of mental slavery there can be no TRUE BLACK NATIONHOOD AND ROYALTY.





In every land, the welfare of the individual is directly dependent on the welfare of the state and its ability to maintain a prosperous economy. Take for instance the welfare of the average European tourist. He is able to be a tourist because he comes from a country that has a sufficiently prosperous economy that allows him to have enough surplus income to go on tour. He has a HOME BASE that is strong economically. It is not an accident that within the tourist economy, most tourists are white and the servants are black. While the white tourist has a strong economic home base that enables him to have surplus income, the black servant has A BEGGING AND DEPENDENT HOME BASE that barely allows him survival wages. If on the continent of Africa or in the Caribbean the safety of a white tourist is threatened, he has a strong government back at home that will come to his assistance with guns blazing if necessary. On the other hand look at the predicament of Blacks in the USA, the UK, or any part of U-rope where they are now exiled. They are subject to the worse treatment where they can be lynched and crucified on the cross of racism and there is no strong Black government that can forcefully intervene on their behalf.

A realistic look at the Black Diaspora shows that wherever they are presently domiciled, their economic survival is totally dependent on the economic health of the dominant white U-ropean nations. In places like the Caribbean where they depend on tourism, Black survival depends on the white man having enough money to go on tours. If the white man tightens his belt, many black belts will have to be further tightened throughout the islands. In places like the U-ropean strongholds of the USA and the UK, if the white man is losing money and decides to close his factory, out goes Black survival through the window of job cuts.

Throughout the history of the Caribbean, national survival has always been very dependent on exporting labor to the white man’s home in the US, the UK, and Canada. Economic survival has long been structured along the lines of the plantation where the Black villagers had to leave their homes and trek to their workplace in the Big House to scrub floors, wash clothes, clean yards and do the dirty jobs. There is total dependency on the white man’s economic health, and that is reflective of a situation where a people have no prosperous home base of their own. If Africa was a prosperous home base, Blacks from all over the world would be migrating to Africa in search of work instead of trekking to the U-ropean capitals of the world where they are subject to the scourge of racial discrimination that can escalate at any time.

In the white capitals of power that are so racially charged from centuries of white racism, it is quite unlikely, and even ridiculous to imagine any form of 0N-SITE meaningful Reparations to the minority Black populations, for the simple reason that it would appear to them that the object of their centuries old scorn and hatred is being transformed into a favored and privileged minority class. If in these countries, Reparations were paid on an individual basis, the majority white population can be expected to lash out angrily at the DEFENSELESS Black minority who would appear to be gaining an unfair economic advantage.

Remember Black Wallstreet (see website http://www.littleafrica.com/opportunity/opprage.html

“The date was June 1, 1921, when "Black Walstreet," the name fittingly given to one of the most affluent all-Black communities in America, was bombed from the air and burned to the ground by mobs of envious whites. In a period spanning fewer than 12 hours, a once thriving 36-Block business district in northern Tulsa lay smoldering--A model community destroyed, and a major African-American economic movement resoundingly defused.
The night’s carnage left some 3,000 African Americans dead, and over 600 successful businesses lost. Among these were 21 churches, 21 restaurants, 30 grocery stores and two movie theaters, plus a hospital, a bank, a post office, libraries, schools, law offices, a half dozen private airplanes and even a bus system. As could have been expected, the impetus behind it all was the infamous Ku Klux Klan, working in consort with ranking city officials, and many other sympathizers.”)

Another thing to consider is that if the issue of REPARATIONS is broken down into insular pockets of interest where the Afro-American has one agenda and the Caribbean people have another, and the Africans on the homeland have another, one should expect competing interests to be played one against the other to the advantage of The Common Robber.

A good look at the continent of Africa today demonstrates how easily petty differences are exploited to the advantage of The Common Robber. If Willie Lynch has his way again, REPARATIONS will be granted with a great show of outward magnanimity that will prove to be the biggest PR stunt of the ages. An end would be put once and for all to the complaints that U-rope did this and U-rope did that, but without fundamental structural changes, and with insularity and mental slavery running rampant, reparations payments would become a profitable white investment with huge returns. Black people would find themselves in the same old hole as before, TOTALLY DEPENDENT ON THE WHITE WORLD ORDER.

MYOPIC VISIONS will be quite easily exploited, and INSULARITY will be co-opted in the same way that present day MIS-EDUCATION is being enlisted in the age-old business of COLLABORATIVE GENOCIDE.

("Thank God for saving us from our backwardness and washing us white as snow, and thank God too for Hamburger Heaven")

What is at stake is the future of Black peoples worldwide, and the only thinking that can change this fatal course is NATION THINKING.

All the separate nations that are nothing more than artificially made plantations-of-exploitation that the Europeans created for their own benefit must be rejected in favor of the construction of ONE AFRICAN NATION. There has to be a maturity of consciousness that sees the process of establishing a strong national umbrella as the only shelter from the continuing storms that batter Black life in all parts of the globe.




Pan-African consciousness and sense of sacred historical obligation are the missing elements in every school, church, and university that Blacks have inherited from their slave masters and their colonizers. And it should not come as a surprise that the slave-master will not teach his slave how to escape. As should be expected he will only teach his slave how to be a better servant. Is it any wonder that the main aspiration of the typical educated Black is to get a "big job" working for the white man? Is it any wonder that on attaining such posts his main loyalty is to the white man?It also should not be a wonder that the churches that have been inherited from the slave master always keep the focus of their flocks away from the thinking of pan-African philosophers such as Marcus Garvey, and fill their heads instead with the vain hope of supernatural deliverance..after they are dead.

Black nationalist consciousness and sense of sacred historical obligation would overturn the role of Black servitude in the world today, so it is to be expected that such thinking would not be encouraged by the religion and education that has been received from The White World Order.

But because of these missing elements of consciousness within our colonially-inherited education systems the average youth is DISCONNECTED FROM ANY SENSE OF HIGHER PURPOSE, alienated from any sense of historical and moral obligation, and removed from any sense of noble destiny. In truth, it can be said that the main reason why the class barriers to education have been relaxed today lies in the fact that today's slave masters needed slaves that can type, use computers, and follow his orders more efficiently.

In the present neo-colonial system, education has therefore become a tool for selfish class advancement and not a tool for liberation of the wider disadvantaged society, and by the mere fact of their vulnerable dependency on being hired, the educated become non-responsive to their wider moral and historical obligation to speak and act on behalf of the masses of their people.

The unspoken mantra of the educated thus becomes:

"Deaden your conscience and learn to become less sympathetic to the cry of the poor. Distance yourself as much as possible from them and blame them for their "uncouth and uneducated" behavior, and also blame them for remaining in their wretched condition.

Try to develop a close relationship with the rich in order to better yourself  personally, and if you are going to fight for anything, fight to extend the privileges of the rich to the middle class.

Deaden your sense of moral obligation and disassociate yourself from the struggle to correct the historical injustice that continues to keep the majority of your people poor.

Be careful not to speak too openly about justice. Do and say nothing that would offend The Owners. Avoid matters of racial concern, and think only about ME, MYSELF, AND MY PERSONAL FAMILY.

Model your professional attitude after that of the slave-master and become a successful exploiter."

In a very real way that nobody cares to admit, the slave master has successfully passed on to his slaves a religious belief that exploitation of labor and exploitation of fellow-man is an acceptable and honorable practice. You therefore leave school with the ambition to become a successful exploiter or to assist those that are successful exploiters. Selfish pursuit of the dollar is stamped into your psyche as the main purpose of life, and yet we bemoan the callous attitude that is so much in evidence amongst the youths of this day.


History bequeaths to every generation a particular moral and historical obligation. If your fore-parents benefited from slavery your moral and historical obligation is to correct the disadvantages that have been handed down by slavery. If your fore-parents were the victims of slavery it is your moral and historical obligation to take their struggle further in the process of  removing every disadvantage that has been handed down to the broad masses of your people by slavery. Under normal circumstances, as a people who have been stripped of name, language, land, culture, history, and racial allegiance, this moral and historical obligation would lead the educated person to a vision of Pan-African nation building. If you are not lead there it is because your schooling and your religion are the vehicles of intellectual neo-colonialism, and neo-colonialism is the abnormal cancer that blinds the educated ones to this sacred trust.

Instead of producing noble character the Oxford and Cambridge education produces replicas of the vampire, inculcated with an individualistic focus, with no sense of loyalty to anything bigger than HOW MUCH PERSONAL PROFIT CAN I MAKE, even if it is at the expense of the rest of the society around me.

The undeniable truth is that if you have inherited your education and your religion from the same Devils that built their kingdom on invasion, robbery, slavery, genocide, and all manner of crimes against humanity, you definitely need to question and examine the  settings of your moral compass.

If you have been fed with an education and a religion that basically sanitize the history of crimes against humanity that include robbery, genocide, and slavery, it is logical that despite the semblance of "development" the society will be characterized by crime, violence, disloyalty, and inhuman pursuit of self interest.

Some may ask, but how do our religion and education SANITIZE the history of crimes against humanity that include robbery, genocide, and slavery? And the answer is BY THEIR CAREFULLY CULTIVATED SILENCE ON THE EFFECTS of the greatest crime ever committed against any people in the annals of human history. Both school and church have collaborated in hiding and blotting out the connection between past acts of barbaric inhumanity and their present racial consequences.

By their silence they collaborate with the Devil in disconnecting the past from the present. By their reluctance to step up to the forefront in educating the masses about the sacred right of reparations they are collaborating with The Devil in making the unfolding tragedy that engulfs African people globally look like some strange disconnected act of fate, accident, or intrinsic inferiority.

That is the silent and criminal conspiracy that has made it so necessary to go to such great lengths to argue the case for Black reparations. All of the institutions handed down by the slave plantation have criminally endorsed THE RIGHTS OF STOLEN PROPERTY.

It is no wonder then that Black Nationhood and Pan-African thinking are complete strangers to the blindfolded masses of disinherited slave-descendants.

As said before, nationhood is not something that just happens on its own. It is the central theme of any religious or educational system that operates for the benefit of the people they serve. Europeans have always used their churches and schools to perpetuate the idea of SHARED WHITE GREATNESS, so that despite differences of language and ethnicity they automatically find solidarity when competing against other racial groups.

There is no escaping this fact that the idea of SHARED WHITE GREATNESS is the fundamental premise of the colonially-inherited church and school. You therefore cannot feed on white breasts and expect to build A NON-SERVILE BLACK NATION where the people are proud of their hair, their nose, their skin, their ancient cultures, and their history. As long as you are fed by colonial religion and colonial education, racial allegiance will be absent from your personality. As an African you cannot have a blond-haired white man as your god and expect your children not to be attracted to bleaching cream, false processed hair, and wigs.

When Africans have woken up from this deep sleep of hypnosis, Black Nationhood is the sacred idea that they will cherish, and they will see to it that this idea is systematically planted, cultivated, and nourished in every school and every church. SHARED AFRICAN EXPERIENCE, SHARED RACIAL ALLEGIANCE, AND SHARED RACIAL NECESSITY thus become the central uniting ethos that will guide the new repaired African mind.

It is hard for the African who is satisfied with his servile role in world affairs to appreciate the vital need for this type of nation-building education. In fact, the long practice of bowing and kissing the European's rear parts has even become an acceptable culture in many places, and it will take a great leap of awakening for such spiritually-infirm souls to lose their taste for kissing the European's hind parts.


But when he has finally puked out the poisons of inhuman self-interest that he has sucked in from his White Slave-masters the African will once more reclaim his sense of loyalty to community and he will come to realize that  RACIAL ALLEGIANCE, PAN-AFRICAN NATIONALIST THINKING AND SENSE OF SACRED HISTORICAL OBLIGATION are the main elements that have been deliberately denied him throughout his long years of submersion under European religion and European education.

The global turn around for Africans will immediately ensue when we come to that level of maturity, and this is the level of thinking that must guide the movement for reparations.

All the true visionaries have already pointed to BLACK NATIONALISM as the only means towards ending the scourge of being Black and totally dependent in a white man’s world, and it should never be forgotten that racial harmony in the white man’s strongholds has always depended on Black obeisance and Black subservience. The only hope for the Black race therefore lies in its ability to get its act together on the continent of Africa. Little island satellites and little minorities are already being jettisoned by the onward sweep of history.

If the present agitation for Reparations is fueled by a strong Pan-African commitment as it ought to be, priority will be given to establishing A POWERFUL BLACK HOME BASE as a means of securing the future of Blacks throughout the world.
Greek thinking, U-ropean thinking, and insular thinking will have to give way to PAN-AFRICAN THINKING, because it is the only thinking that can guide us wisely in the implementation of reparations.



In the process of correcting the slavery-inherited maladies, the African mind will have to venture forth into new frontiers of thought that are built on old values of communal responsibility, because surely it will make no sense to replace white billionaires with black billionaires using the same system that robs and exploits billions to make one billionaire.

It is morally imperative that we visualize the creation of a nation where our economic relationships are not parasitical and vampire-centered like the present slave-master system.

Never let it be forgotten that The Slaver has the ability to recycle himself in many different forms.Therefore every effort must be made to conceptualize and implement a new order of things that improves on the social values that were held before our marriage to the white man, so as not to encourage the breeding of vampires, crooks, and thieves like the present capitalist system does.

On a much broader level however, it must be recognized that this struggle for the long-term betterment of African peoples will prove to be a catalyst for change to the present global economic system. Further up the ladder of CONSCIOUSNESS, the question will have to arise, “What are the chances of turning a vampire into a vegetarian?” Can the proposed betterment of African peoples be achieved while the global economic system is structured on the same rapacious model as the plantation system? The answer to this question will show that for African peoples, the struggle to end racial discrimination will be very much linked to the struggle of all the world’s poor to end the fundamentally parasitic nature of global capitalism.

That cherished brainchild of old pirates and slave masters who always valued profit above human life has now become a Frankenstein out of control, imperiling the continued existence of all life irrespective of race, class or creed. Even the very earth and its endangered ecological system are now crying out because of the same economic policies that continue to put PROFIT first to the detriment of all life.



is the key to unlocking The African Genie.



Ras Jahaziel