on the part of Africans is a necessary prerequisite for prolonging the hour of Black subjugation and Black subordination.

The enemy in the gates

When the enemy is able to penetrate and infiltrate your ranks easily it is always because of A LACK OF IDEOLOGICAL SOUNDNESS. To correct this psychological malady let us go into the mind of the ole slave-master.



 He is thinking:

“we must not wait for this reparations movement to grow and become a mass movement, because we need the global priorities that set up slavery and colonialism to continue.

The implication of this reparations movement is that we would have to change our global priorities from serving the cause of wealth for the few to serve the cause of justice for all.

That would be the end of our slave-master system, so there are two things that we need to do simultaneously: We must increase our budget for handing out BRIBES, and at the same time we must convince the world that we are too broke to consider reparations.


Based upon these conclusions we need to send out our agents in all the plantations with the message that progress can be made without concerning yourself about correcting the many ongoing injustices of slavery.


In this way we can surely nurture the spirit of accommodation, and prolong the life of our slave plantation. We just need to give the Negro a more comfortable foothold UNDER US, and that will surely prevent them from talking about slavery and injustice so much and short-circuit their drive for reparations.


It is common knowledge amongst us slave-owners that if we are to maintain the plantation's power arrangements, we must make sure that our Negroes abandon the self-empowerment principles of Marcus Garvey. Such principles would generate power without subordination. So by all means we must keep the Negro locked into that form of progress that will bury their race in perpetual serfdom.

By facilitating some well-publicized DONOR DEPENDENT PROGRESS we will therefore create


We will perpetuate donor-dependency to the extent that our Negroes will have no burning desire to see what they can do collectively without an alien benefactor, so in a very real way they will be thus made to embrace spiritual backwardness posing as progress.

As a result of our inculcating the Negro with this sponsor-dependent philosophy the Negro will be encouraged to practice a kind of thinking that will never be able to liberate Africa.

It will be the kind of thinking that will settle for bribes in the form of token progress for the few. It will not be concerned about healing the damaged psyche of subservience that keeps Africans locked into their various slave-owners like lovers.

It will not be concerned about building real grass-roots power that is independent of outside influence. For a few gifts it will be prepared to keep silence about the injustices of modern-day slavery, and it will be the kind of thinking that will be prepared to collaborate in burying the voices of Black ancestors that have been long crying for justice.

 In fact, this is just the kind of  thinking that we need to propagate amongst our Negroes to help perpetuate Neocolonialism and African subordination.

With the success of this plan, ass-kissing will continue to be handed down, and generation after generation will continue to be




So the lesson to be learned here is that you are either nurturing the spirit of liberation or you are nurturing the spirit of accommodation and subordination.

Study video below for lessons to help correct ideological backwardness.

Ras Jahaziel

February 5, 2014