(An excerpt from the article "Reparations for Black Nation Building", for the purpose of bringing more clarity to the issue of Black Nationalism, and to broaden and expand the perspective shared in the video below)




If it is to be true to its real purpose of resurrecting Black civilization from the grave of dehumanization and serfdom where it was interred by the forces of white racism, the focus of REPARATIONS must be on those lynch-pins of economic and psychological dependency that continue to keep slavery intact long after so-called “emancipation.”

The first and perhaps the most important of these unyielding cast-iron pins that keep slavery intact, is LACK OF CONTROL over the mind-manufacturing industry.

Slavery is a condition where the one enslaved has no control over his life. If someone else has control over the mind-manufacturing industry, one is essentially a slave in the controller’s hands. This lack of control that was lost in the pit of slavery and Colonialism means that present-day Black civilization is still living in a white man’s world.

What is the significance of the white man’s ownership and control over the mind-manufacturing industry?

It means that as a Black parent, your child is not your own. Just like it was on the plantation of old, from the day that the Black child is born his mind is injected with the Negro blue-print. This means that he is instantly being programmed to think in a way that benefits the owners of the plantation and to the detriment of his own race. It is the presence of this Negro blueprint in the Black man’s head that today causes him to collaborate in his own genocide. Removing this Negro blueprint must therefore be a central component of any REPARATIONS policy.

Without ownership and control of THE EDUCATION PROCESS, the minds of the newly compensated people would still continue to work against themselves in a way that would perpetuate their CHRONIC DEPENDENCY. “Ownership of the education process” should not be misunderstood as mere ownership and control of schools and universities, but also CONTROL OF THE THOUGHT PROCESS that sits within the books and the thought process that governs the television.

INTENSIVE effort backed by generous resources must be placed on The Project of Re-education.

The people that have been mis-educated by the slave master to see themselves as separate peoples called Bajans, Trinidadians, Jamaicans, Afro-Americans, Ghananians and Nigerians, etc, must be re-educated to see themselves as integral states of ONE BLACK NATION.

When it is recognized that artificial barriers of separate national identity were specifically created to facilitate the slave master’s control of the plantation, it will become clear that PAN-AFRICAN THINKING is the only life-boat for the drowning peoples of Africa wherever they are scattered. This new thinking can only be achieved if it becomes a priority on every school’s agenda, and the bottom line of every church sermon.

The truth must be faced that the education system that was inherited from the Slave-master was designed to keep the plantation running on a more sophisticated level. Better and more highly skilled SERVANTS was the goal, and it is not an accident that THE EDUCATED CLASS of Blacks today are for the most part ORDERS-TAKERS.

There is absolutely no way how the cycle of dependency and subservience will be broken without the introduction of a new education system that has as its goal the development of AFRICAN NATIONHOOD in place of the present goal of Black servant-hood.

Seeing that the Black mind is still being invaded on all sides by the visions and ideas of the white man’s house, its rehabilitation will call for the setting up of a vast and all-encompassing PAN-AFRICAN CENTERED education system.

It must be realized that NATIONHOOD is first and foremost AN IDEA that needs to be cultivated,

and it could never have been cultivated in the past while the plantation was being run by white owners who wanted to keep Black slave hands tied to the plantation.

If the idea of BLACK NATIONHOOD is not being cultivated in our present religious and education systems it is because such an idea will make slaves question their landless-ness and their powerless-ness.

All the teachings, be they religious or otherwise that have bound the allegiance of Black peoples to their separate estates in the plantation economy are complimentary to the global schemes of THE WHITE WORLD ORDER.

The United States of America is AN IDEA that had to be planted and cultivated, and it was cultivated essentially for the betterment of white civilization. Separate groups of Europeans were taught THE IDEA of the USA, and the idea was not considered inconsistent with their religion.

It is only slavery-inherited religion that holds the vision of BLACK NATIONHOOD to be unimportant and irrelevant to the pursuit of Godliness.
The white man had the wisdom to know that his personal security and prosperity depended on the establishment of A COMMON NATIONHOOD with a land base.

Those who are presently known as JEWS also knew that scattered as they were in minority positions all over the globe, they needed a central land base that made NATIONHOOD a reality, and hence they set up the state of Israel.

The Black man must ask himself, Where is my vision of Black nationhood? Is my slavery-inherited religion blocking my mind from seeing the necessity for Black nationhood? Does my long-term security rest with the fragmented plantation identity?

Am I comfortable with my centuries-old task of building the white man’s house? Should I continue to invest my labors and my monies in the white man’s house when it is getting bigger and richer from my labors while Africa is getting poorer and more dependent every day?

Am I satisfied with my dependent position in world affairs where every major decision in my life as a Black man must be made by a group of white men who cannot help being racist?

Is this the situation that I want future generations to inherit? Am I contented with the island identity that the slave-master gave me so that I would remain a powerless satellite, always lingering on the outskirts of white prosperity?

None but the most drunken can fail to acknowledge the need to cultivate the idea of BLACK NATIONHOOD with the prospect of putting it into reality. If white men can come together from all parts of U-rope and build their white strongholds, why should the Black man not be doing the same? Why should the Black man continue to seek refuge in the white man’s stronghold instead of building his own?

In this stage of the struggle to correct the damage of slavery and colonialism, one of the greatest opponents is the white high-tech mind-control system that dominates the movie industry and global communications. It is so powerful that the way controlled people will be thinking fifty years from now can be plotted on a drawing board and then implemented without fail.


Therefore, to cultivate this idea of BLACK NATIONHOOD, major funding must also be allocated for the development of an independent Black theater and movie industry devoted to THE BLACK RESURRECTION.

When the word “BLACK” is clearly defined as that which is conscious and effective in its capacity to break mental and psychological chains, there will be no chance of such a venture coming close to the Blakspoitation movie genre where “Black” just meant putting a black face in place of a white face.

Neither minds that are bleached white by the U-rocentrick aesthetic, nor minds that are bleached color-less by white-liberal education can create the groundwork that is necessary for Black independence and Black nationhood.

More than enough time has passed under the influence of both forms of mind-control to show that such thinking ultimately perpetuates white domination.

In this project of repairing Black minds for the fulfillment of Black nationhood, it will not be enough to put financial resources into the building of schools, universities and movie studios, but paralleled with all this must also be funding for the type of scholarship that is necessary for producing Black-centered books and learning materials to fulfill A BLACK CURRICULUM

The building of any nation demands an education system that is centered within the struggles and ambitions of that nation.

That is why the European education system has always been WHITE-CENTERED with a historiography that places slavers, colonialists, invaders and robbers at the center.

The victims of the U-ropean project cannot correct their disadvantage or re-arrange their lives without an education system that is centered on their own historical perspective and national ambition. It must be BLACK CENTERED in order to be redemptive.

The importance of repairing Black minds has to therefore be seen as a major task on the REPARATIONS agenda, and success in this venture will determine whether generations fifty years from now or three hundred years from now will benefit from today’s struggles for REPARATIONS.

The work of breaking down the mental chains of white racism and colonialism has to be seen for what it is, the only key to unlock the dungeon of captivity. Without a break-through in these stubborn walls of mental slavery there can be no TRUE BLACK NATIONHOOD AND ROYALTY.

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Ras Jahaziel