African Liberation should be our central focus and our main ambition.
And when it becomes our gold standard,
African Liberation Day will be enshrined in the consciousness of our children as a day ranking above all other days.


The map below shows that while Africans continue to suffer in poverty globally,

Black lands and Black resources continue to make other people rich.


Their strategy is to distract us and keep us off-centered with a superficial and shallow idea of racism, so that we would keep focusing on whether somebody uses the so-called "N" word and whether they scorn  Blacks or not.

In this way we constantly miss the point that the real racism is built into the system so that one does not have to be personally racist anymore.

The real racism is therefore like a fishbowl in which the victim breaths and functions every minute, every second of his life.

Time to examine the racist global order whose foundation is Black land-less-ness as a strategy for perpetual Black disempowerment.

As shown in the bit of history below

as a way of guaranteeing perpetual Black bondage.

So today those that used to be called slaves continue to function on the auction block as cheap disposable labor,

caged and imprisoned by the walls of the slave-master's dream,

scratching a meager existence in rented, job-dependent traps in far-off lands,

birthright stolen,


and therefore commemorating and celebrating every other day above the idea of African Liberation Day.


A quote from the book "BRITAIN'S BLACK DEBT" by Professor Hilary Beckles


"The future imagined in Whitehall was one in which BLACK SUBORDINATION WAS GUARANTEED within colonialism.

Without Black hands, Caribbean lands were useless. BLACKS WERE TO BE LANDLESS AS THE NORM, even if adjustments were necessary in some places IN ORDER TO SECURE LABOUR.

Slave owners won three decisive battles in securing reparations for their property rights in enslaved Africans.

First they received cash to refinance their business,

second they were able to make new investments, mostly in British stocks, and third they were able to hold on to their West Indian enterprises and thereby rendering the "freed" persons largely LANDLESS AND SECOND CLASS in the colonies where they had been enslaved.

The frenzied feeding on reparations funds, as described by Draper, therefore included all parties to the crime of slave owning.

The feeding fattened many and reduced the financial stress of most. In this sense slavery was profitable even to the very end.

In the Caribbean, the plantation system remained, Blacks now "freed" entered a period of INTENSIVE POLICING, racial apartheid, and increased hostility to their demands for justice.

The West Indian planters and merchants and their London financiers were pleased with the reparations deal.

The Blacks who had been the victims of the crime received nothing.

This was the greatest crime of all committed by the British against the African people.

The twenty million pounds that slave owners received as reparations from the British government for losing their property rights in slaves was a huge amount. It would equate to almost 200 billion pounds today.

Afro Caribbean people suffered four hundred years of criminal racial targeting within slavery regimes.

The living legacy of these crimes continues to debilitate their progeny while those who have benefited from the criminal enrichment continue to enjoy the wealth derived from the crimes.

The native population of the region experienced the crime of genocide in addition to enslavement."