There are many that read what are supposed to be HIM’S words like Christians read the Bible, UNCRITICALLY, with the belief that there can be no fault because it is “GOD’S WORDS.”


When your INNER TRUTH (common sense) tells you differently, you suppress it, and do mental gymnastics to conform your inner thought with that which you have read on the paper, because subconsciously you believe that it would be sacrilege if you were to question or have a different point of view to “GOD’S WORDS.”


That is a dangerous form of idol-worship, and the movement or people who adopt this attitude are highly vulnerable to manipulation. By altering a few words on paper one can send idol-worshipers in any direction, and this has been done for centuries by “the controllers of information.”


The words quoted below do score some points for the British, and they help to support a much-promoted version of history that portrays them as NOBLE EMANCIPATORS.


“The British government not only has contributed to the independence of Ethiopia but it has granted to millions of people all over the world their independence after adequate preparation in terms of development of administrative and development skills of the educational potential of the various peoples. For this the British government deserves the gratitude of all free people everywhere.”



Why should there be gratitude to a slave master invader who robs you for hundreds of years, becomes extremely wealthy from robbing you, and then emancipates you in a ghetto where you are chained by permanent rent, after stripping you of your own land and forcibly deleting your own name, your own language, your own history, and your own culture?

What gratitude can be owed to a people who rob you to the bone and leave you totally dependent on them for aid, for a job, for a loan, for a grant, and for pity?

In the age of mental adolescence such emancipation was viewed as something to be celebrated, but today those that are still affected by the injustice of the slave-legacy are opening their eyes to see that they have been tricked by an emancipation that indirectly perpetuates their continued subjugation.


Think about this: The British Crown’s position on reparations is that “slavery was not a crime in the law books at the time that it happened.” So while pretending that they regret that it happened, they hold on to the stolen property and hold on to the belief that reparations is not appropriate.


When a mind does the mental contortions to come up with the idea that crime against Africans is not a crime unless the offender has written it in HIS British law books, that mind becomes even more evil by the process of conjuring up such illogical logic. Such hellish logic makes it increasingly clear that he that was evil is proving himself to be evil still.


Common sense teaches us that when such a mind produces something that looks good it is ALWAYS AN AFFORDABLE AND CONVENIENT GOOD, and it is always done to cement and solidify the long-term interests of the evil position.


Even the act of educating slaves that may appear to be a benevolent act is today proving to be nothing more than a design to EQUIP THE SLAVE WITH THE SLAVE-MASTER’S MIND, so that the slave master can continue to rule indirectly. That is why Neocolonialism controls the “former colonies” today, and through the remotely-controlled intellectual class maintains all the inherited inequities.


If someone else had said that the British deserve gratitude for educating and freeing their slaves, THE CONSCIOUS AFRICAN MIND would have immediately rebuked such as unwarranted PRAISE OF THE SLAVE-MASTER in light of the fact that those that have been disadvantaged by slavery have not yet had their claims to reparations addressed.


But it must be realized that anything that is written on paper can be corrupted in the same way that the Bible is suspected to have been corrupted.

In most cases THE SOURCES that are privileged to have historical documents and SPEECHES under lock and key in their archives are “official slave-master sources," and official slave-master sources release documents when they care to and how they care to.

They are in a position to shape opinion if they care to, by altering that which they release. So how far should faith and trust in official slave-master sources go?





What if the slave-masters wanted to re-route the Rastafari movement, so they implanted their own words in "God’s words" as they are accustomed to do?

What if they implanted words to suggest that present-day poverty is a result of laziness and not a result of the centuries of robbery?


What if they implanted words to suggest that the slave-master should not be burned with so much fire because he saw the light and granted freedom to his slaves?


By subtle implantation they could create a more conservative type of Rasta that would be less threatening to The White World Order.


They could produce a Rastafari movement that is nothing more than RECYCLED CHRISTIANITY with a different name for God and a different name for Heaven.

So one must be careful not to do mental gymnastics to suppress inner truth, EVEN IF IT CONTRADICTS THE GOD THAT IS ON PAPER.


Rastafari people cannot afford to do the same thing that Christians do.

I and I should never SUPPRESS INNER TRUTH or common sense because it contradicts that which we consider to be "GOD’S WORDS."

If we participate in suppressing common sense because it does not correspond with "God's words" we would be making AN INFALLIBLE IDOL out of the piece of paper, and any people that do so become pawns in the hands of The Mind Twisters and The Slave-holders.


So now is the time to study the Rastafari parallels carefully at the link below.



Ras Jahaziel