QUOTES FROM "LETTER TO THE CONTINENT" http://rastafarivisions.com/features/empressvoices


QUOTE: When we stay alienated, separated and divided, white man wins. Some have argued that skin color is not a sufficient basis on which to unite, but we believe that our collective experience as victims of racial oppression is all the cohesion we need. White people have always united around skin color, notwithstanding any internal differences. We should do the same. UNQUOTE.

The Haile Selassie that many of the integrationists are trying to erase and bury today is the one that saw this very point when he started THE ETHIOPIAN WORLD FEDERATION for the Black peoples of the world.

He went to Jamaica and the first principle that he invoked was the principle that "WE ARE BLOOD BROTHERS."

Marcus Garvey also saw this when he formed THE UNITED NEGRO IMPROVEMENT ASSOCIATION for the purpose of uniting millions of Africans across the globe.

So just because of white friends should we abort this sacred mission in the name of ONE-LOVE RELIGION?

So how did Marcus Garvey and Haile Selassie arrive at this conclusion? It is because they saw that no other people on the face of the planet have been so broken, divided, and scattered. The African family has been so broken and scattered that it has now become A SINGLE PARENT FAMILY.

But this idea of uniting Africans is the very thing that Edgar Hoover fought against for his whole life as a CIA boss.

They persistently fight to erase this idea that Africans have A UNIQUE SITUATION that can only be addressed by those who walk through the fire of The Black Maafa. Therefore no effort was spared to see to it that Africans forget The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey.

And that should be a warning, for if your study groups are studying Paul the Roman and omitting The Philosophy and Opinions of Marcus Garvey you are either knowingly or unknowingly a collaborator with the CIA. OMISSION IS THE OTHER SIDE OF THE COIN OF COLLUSION.

And if as a Rasta your energies are going into the promotion of “golden rules” that sanctify integration instead of BLACK REHABILITATION, you are being MISS-informed by the now current CIA interpretation of the Haile Selassie mission.

What has gone wrong with our minds that we have to be told in a time like this that our foremost mission still remains the mission of BLACK REHABILITATION?

QUOTE: In sum, we are not anti-white; we are just pro-Black. UNQUOTE

Ras Jahaziel