(written and illustrated by Ras Jahaziel August 2010) www.rastafarivisions.com

MAY 2010


"Seventy-three civilians and one soldier died in last week's push into Tivoli."
Jamaica Gleaner

“Over 73 civilians Killed, 500 Jamaicans injured"
"Mounting casualties from the massive offensive by the security forces on Tivoli Gardens have put morgues on the brink of overflowing." The Gleaner

" The media reports are not telling the full story of what is actually taking place in Jamaica, they fail to address the governments involvement in the crisis and the underlining historical context”

The truth that the University is not saying, the Church is not saying, the official News is not saying, and the other second-hand Mouth-pieces are not saying:

An Inter-faith Dialogue between Snow-white The Money God and The Three Dragons

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: Gentlemen, welcome to this our fourth-hundred annual inter-faith dialogue where we exchange ideas for the better management of our slave-holdings in the modern colonies. Now please relax and take off your masks. Those do-gooder masks are only for the outside when we have to put on a public show. But here, if you want to say "Nigger" you can say "Nigger."



This is the forum where we can be ourselves and speak our minds without worrying about political correctness. We do not have to go around corners and pretend that PROFIT is not the only thing that matters. Every-one in here knows that the advancement of our empire has often called for ruthless action against inferior peoples. Often times it has involved moving populations from areas that we desire. Sometimes the methods may be bloody and involve lost of life amongst the inferior peoples, but everyone of you know the ropes, so to speak. So please speak your mind without worry. The press is not here. This is the place where we can discuss the dirty details that would shock the larger public outside.

Now the first thing I would like to do is to express my concerns about the stability of our modern plantation system in the Caribbean and the volatility of our Negro labor force in light of recent events.

I am sure that we all agree the image of "Paradise" must be maintained at all costs. For close to four centuries we have reaped billions of dollars in profit from the sweat of Black labor in the hot climes of these islands, and what has made our businesses so profitable is that up to this day Black labor has been for the most part free or very cheap. But now our old sugar plantations that required us to maintain thousands of slaves have been phased out, and Tourism has now become our new sugar plantation. Not only do we need fewer Negroes, but unlike in the days of sugar cane it is important to project an idyllic paradise image despite the glaring wide-spread poverty of the locals.

(The nagging truth keeps asking:Why do some people have all the luxury and some people have all the tears? Paradise and Hell all in the same place? Who keeps this system running from generation to generation? The Army, The Police, The politicians, and The Church?)

But we have a problem looming on the horizon: As a result of our recent economic adjustments the weight on the poor has been increased significantly, to the extent that they are nearing breaking-point. If we do not act preemptively and take drastic measures they are likely to rebel and spoil our paradise image. We need to crush rebellion long before it happens.

FIRST DRAGON, The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection: Pardon me for saying so, but I think your fears may be a little bit exaggerated because as you know, we have always used our police and army as a barrier of terror to protect our slave-holding properties. They have been trained to be very brutal and ruthless, and as a result of their consistent terrorism most of the slave population fears them. I don’t think we have anything to worry about, but if it would make you feel better we can increase the terror.

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: Well make sure the media publishes a good excuse for doing so before giving the police the go-ahead. But no matter what it takes we must maintain the flow of profit from our human and material possessions on these islands. Even though these economic measures will affect the lives of the poor fairly harshly, such measures are necessary to maintain THE PROFIT FLOW.

But keeping the plantation from burning has always been a balancing act. On the one hand, too much hardship may cause spontaneous rebellion, and on the other hand the extra hardship that the Niggers feel also makes them desperate for money. In that state of mind it is easier to control and manipulate them, and it is never difficult to find spies and informers. Another very important advantage in keeping the Negroes in a desperate economic state was demonstrated just recently in Tivoli Gardens. If you did not understand the power of our economic grip on the Negroes you would have been surprised by the zeal that was exhibited by our police and soldiers as they went about maiming and killing other Niggers that look just like themselves.

With our power to decide who eats and who starves it was easy to enlist dozens of paid killers.

So despite all of the idealistic calls for equal rights and justice, we know from long experience that we have to keep the economic lid on the Negroes. It is a form of control that we have always used, and in any case it has never been wise to let the Nigger get too far. We just need to be prepared at all times for any eventuality.

FIRST DRAGON, The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection:  Well, in light of your concern about the possibility of these economic measures causing dire social consequences, let me assure you that we have already equipped our FORCES with the appropriate training and practice in the event of an uprising.


SNOW WHITE-The Money God: But what do our sociologists say about this, do they concur with me about the potential social fall-out?

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: Yes, total agreement. When the increased stress is added to the persistent malnourishment that already exists, it is quite likely that many of the poor will be driven to desperate measures, and many of them will be forced to break The Laws of the Plantation in order to survive.

It should be expected that increasing the stress on the Negroes at a time when they are already locked down in a seemingly never-ending cycle of malnutrition-foods and low wages will be enough to bring out the very worst in their personalities. And this will be most evident in those places like Tivoli where they are all packed together like sardines in a can. The fact that they are landless means that every facet of their daily existence will be subjected to increasing pressures to get the dollar in a time when LEGAL MONEY IS SCARCE. For the poor and vulnerable it has therefore become a dog-eat-dog rat race that is spawning an increase in lawlessness, and the development of illegal survival systems like gangs.

(Before there were penitentiaries there were dungeons but the people in them all look the same)

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: OK, so do you have any recommendations?

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: Yes, it is vitally necessary that we enlist the Church and influential leaders of other religious groups like the Rastas, if possible, to maintain an inordinate level of docility amongst the people at the very same time when their life conditions are drastically worsening. UnHoly Father, What do you have to share on this matter?

THIRD DRAGON , The UnHoly Father with the Forked Tongue: Well gentlemen my throat is sore from preaching last night, so pardon me if I am a little brief with my comments today. Speaking from a position of long practice and experience I would say that the best way to do this is to revive the old "God is soon coming for his world" sermon. Another one that I would highly recommend is the "Patience and Long suffering sermon" that teaches the people to be patient with bondage, and imprints in their minds an attitude that SUFFERING LONG IS A VIRTUE. Also another trump card that we have always played is to teach them to love their enemies. With this combination of doctrines we can do anything to them and get away with it.

The desired objectve here is that through the influence of properly cooked religion, the people's natural instinct to act in pursuit of freedom will be totally erased. You may think that it would be difficult to immobilize the human's natural instinct to be free, but it is not. All we the religious leaders need to do is to continue feeding the Nigs with doctrines that condition them to look beyond themselves for a miracle-working God or a super-man Selassie to bring betterment to their lives... if they are prepared to patiently wait and be long-suffering.

We must continually hammer home the importance of blind faith and belief so that their minds are sufficiently spooked out. When crippled by this mental condition they will see two thousand years of waiting as no big deal.

But for this thing to be truly effective these doctrines and our ministers that are chosen to spread them must be made to look very holy. We and our rituals must be elaborately clothed with the utmost sanctity, so that if anyone dares to think critically about these spooky myths they would feel like they are committing sacrilege and sinning against God, and their conscious minds will be therefore afraid to THINK. After a few short generations of these teachings the natural instinct to act in pursuit of freedom can be effectively erased for thousands of years.

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: I totally agree with you. Properly cooked religion can definitely work wonders on the mind of a slave. The evidence is all around us. We have successfully tricked them with the idea about emancipation, and control their labor and their time, and their very lives the same way as we did before we told them that they are free. We have cloned for ourselves a true slave people, and programmed them with slave doctrines that taught them to love their enemies more than they love themselves. Most of them live from day to day in a permanent hustle for scraps, and have no prospects of handing down anything to their children but more slavery. Every generation passes it on to the next, and yet they still can be heard talking about slavery in the past tense. They are a very stupid people.

They have stupidly fallen for our emancipation trick and believe that the absence of chains means the absence of bondage and that the absence of a white face in charge means the end of white power. We will always be able to trick them and rule them, because although they can play sports and make music, thinking is something that they always have a problem with. Go ahead and tell us some more!


THIRD DRAGON , The UnHoly Father with the Forked Tongue: Well, as you all know, we have never failed to collaborate with the schools and universities in making the historical robbery of African people and the historical enrichment of our people look like remote events that left no lasting social and economic legacy. We have always held that any discussions that throw light on the connection between past robberies and present poverty must be made taboo, and all the focus and the blame must be placed instead on the sins of the slave whose morality was bound to crack from the constant stress of the long historical weight of oppression.

If the truth were to gain recognition that the soul-destroying nature of slavery and the stress of present-day oppression are the main contributors to the moral decay of the people, then unhealthy attention and the glance of condemnation may become focused on us. God forbid that such a thing should happen, because the issue of reparations would be unavoidable, and it would be difficult to extricate the Church from
responsibility for its long years of collaboration with the slave owners.

To counter such an eventuality I would suggest using the News Media to create a despicable image of those slave-descendants at the bottom of the economic ladder so that their poverty and social confusion will be seen as a direct result of their own laziness and their own innate immorality and inferiority.

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: Thank you for your input UnHoly Father. Your suggestions are always very practical. As you know, we have been trained to study society from a long-term perspective, and that is why we say with full confidence that if we continue to keep the people's heads locked down in a bottle with the type of religious dope that we have cooked up, our wealth-generating colonies will continue to yield just as much wealth as we have gotten over the past four hundred years.

While we the Money Gods are getting away with the loot, the stupid Negroes will blame each other for " increasing and causing problems." Deep down in the psyche of the Nigger we have stamped a compelling self-condemnatory feeling that they are guilty of an unwritten crime called being Black in the wrong time and the wrong place. As you know, we strongly recommend abortion and prison as a remedy for this crime, and with the help of The Church and the news media, public opinion will favor more birth-control pills and the building of MORE PRISONS. Birth-control pills for the Niggers, fertility pills for us.

As long as The Church, the universities, and The News Media continue to keep silent on the issues that we have cautioned them not to discuss, the dominant view in the society will be that more forces, more police, more soldiers, and more prisons are the best way to keep paradise afloat.

So my humble counsel to Your Majesty is that in light of our present economic measures we must divert the people's attention from the fact that we are responsible for the macro-economic earthquake that was designed to shake off the vulnerable worthless eaters in society and lessen useless mouths on the plantation.


These are the diversionary band-wagons that we will need to send out on the airwaves and in the pulpits so that uncomfortable issues of historical cause and effect are not discussed. These diversions will allow our profit-making mechanisms to continue increasing profits while belt-tightening strategies are preached to the ignorant, the un-educated, and the miss-informed.

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: I can see that what you are saying makes perfect sense. My grandfather used to say the same thing: that The Church can be our best ally by focusing the people's attention inwardly on their own sins and emphasizing their need for a supernatural savior. In that state of mind slaves are always more likely to seek religious salvation instead of real liberation.

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: Well it is good that you can see this Your Highness, and that is why I say that no matter how much pressure the people are forced to bear we can always count on the religious instruction along with the TV entertainment packages to keep them in check.

When the widespread poverty and degradation that grips Blacks all over the world today is unanimously disassociated from the centuries of robbery to which they have been subjected, I am sure that we will not face the threat of having to pay for slavery or crimes against humanity.

And when we have influenced them to disconnect what is happening to them today from the centuries of miseducation, terrorism, and calculated purpose-driven dehumanization, they are bound to blame themselves for their present condition. Even the young ones will accept being called "dog," because the dogs that they have been forced to become will appear to be the dogs that they have always been.

And while we are on the subject I would like to commend the work that The UnHoly father, the schools, and the universities have done so far, because there are very few Negroes who know anything about the teachings of Marcus Garvey. They only know about the heroes that we have chosen for them, and we have only chosen heroes that will keep them in their role as minority subjects on the plantation.

With great satisfaction I can say that we have given them a carefully structured slave-education that prevents them from ever out-thinking us or seeing through the many schemes that we have set in place to make modern slavery look like freedom.

And to be brutally honest, even if the most educated Negroes had the eyes to see through our slavery-camouflage they are on our side and they care not if we are continuing to make vast profits at the expense of cheap over-exploited black labor. We have them so job-trapped, bank-trapped and ambition-trapped that they are the least likely to open their mouths and accuse us of brutality when we have to use brutal methods as we did most recently in Tivoli Gardens, Jamaica.

Is it not beautiful the way that we have programmed the Negroes so that we now have so many of them thinking with our minds and oppressing and murdering their own people on our behalf? After we educate them we can always find something for a Pet Nigga to do.

FIRST DRAGON, The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection: But even if we had not taken so much care to drown the dissatisfied voices of history, we have so effectively stupefied and weakened the spirit of the Niggers that it is common for many of them to voluntarily distance themselves from telling the most potent truths of their own holocaust.

To face the truth of their present enslaved condition would provoke them to action, but they are so terrified by the thought of rebelling that they try to escape the memory of slavery before escaping slavery.

We have placed so much fear in their hearts that they would rather talk about the Pharaohs and pyramids of ancient times than to look squarely at their present enslaved reality and discuss it. To me they are like people in a sinking ship preferring to read soothing bedtime stories.

They are like rape victims that are afraid to accuse the rapist, or rape victims that have been raped so long and often that they have gotten used to it. They have gotten so used to it that they have become mentally confused to the point that they would blame themselves and make excuses for the rapist. Can you imagine that of all the people that we have robbed and colonized they have been the easiest ones to fool? We stole their continent from right under their feet, and today you can find them killing one another for "their territory": a corner on a street block. So I think we should be fairly safe, even when the hungry masses are being forced to tighten their bellies beyond breaking-point.

But beware! Our studies have shown that not all of them will be kept anesthetized by the plantation's religious entertainment, and that is why we have to continue building more prisons to shut out the voices of anger and discontent, but what we dread most is that there will be spontaneous large-scale rebellion. Therefore at the slightest sign of anything that looks near rebellion we must respond with MAXIMUM FORCE.

Operation Over-kill in Tivoli Gardens was therefore absolutely necessary in order to send the rabble a clear message wherever they are thinking of revolt. We gunned them down in such a way that it left no doubt as to our intention and preparedness to be most brutal if they ever rebel.

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: And who cares? When these "good-for-nothing" poor hungry scum die you can be sure they will be easily forgotten and not considered a great loss.

In any case we will soon have to find a way to drastically reduce their numbers, because all over the world these Negroes are increasing too much and taking up space that could be put to better use. That is why we have increased the birth control doses and instituted a steady low-key impersonal war on all fronts that will eventuallyreduce their numbers significantly.

By using the law as a trap we have already caged many of them in our modern dungeons where we can feed them with certain terminating drugs unknown to anybody.

Then with the economic screws that we have tightened, many of them will be overworked and die from stress and exhaustion like their fore-parents that were worked to death on the plantation. At the same time these economic measures will ensure that malnutrition and infant mortality increases amongst them. And as you know, long-term child malnutrition eventually leads to adult eradication. We definitely cannot allow their numbers to increase while we are still struggling to halt this drastic decline in our own birthrate.

I tell you, if they were not really inferior, as we have always insisted, they are fast becoming so, because when malnutrition is handed down from generation to generation, an inferior species is the natural result.
As we develop a need for more land and resources in Africa, the decimated and malnourished African will not be any great threat.


But I caution you that everything we are discussing here must remain in this room, because these are not the times when genocide should be discussed or practiced openly. I repeat to you again, it must be done so silently and gradually that in the long-run the Negro's demise will look like mass suicide. The way how we are doing this, none of us will carry the blame.

FIRST DRAGON, The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection: Well it is working very successfully, and we can assure you that our recent operation in Tivoli Gardens has come off with a great plus: Our soldiers and police needed more practice in preparation for the time when the really big revolts do happen. And we cannot over-estimate the importance of getting them accustomed to killing their own mother's children. They must be conditioned to do this with no difficulty if we are going to be able to keep profits rolling out of this plantation at the same rate that we have become accustomed to.

So the practice they get from regular operations like OPERATION OVER-KILL in Tivoli will toughen their hearts like stone, and just in case there is any feeling of remorse when they remember the agonizing screams that came from the lips of their own kindred that they have slaughtered, we will deaden their conscience with the promise of promotion. By focusing their minds on the prospects of having a sure income at a time when such is rare for a Negro, they will be easily hypnotized into UNFEELING-NESS about participating in the slaughter of their own mother's children.

You could say that with the training we have given our police and soldiers we have created OUR VERY OWN TRAINED BEASTS.

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: Now that this legal slaughter has taken place in Tivoli, the poor will be forced to comply with the plan to squeeze their belly a whole lot more. They will be forced to grin and bear it. They will have no choice but to continue competing desperately with one another for the fewer places that have been allotted on the ladder of controlled, restricted, supervised, selfish progress.

FIRST DRAGON, The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection: Fear of the awesome fire-power of STATE TERRORISM will see to it that all the Negroes on these plantations stay put in their place at the very bottom of every economic chart.

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: The international outcry will be minimum, because we have developed a professional class that is EXPERT IN SPINNING THE LIE.


When our spin-masters concoct their labels like "Terrorists," "Gangs," "Drug dealers," "Street Criminals," no one will feel any sympathy for the poor bastards that have been slaughtered.

And we must always make sure that our legal gangs are the best armed, but at the same time we must disarm the Negroes so that if they should think of collectively resisting the organized pressures of extinction, their gangs will only be powerless gangs.

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation:
As you know, we have already planted a psychological program in the minds of our legal gangs that will help them to kill their own people without any hesitancy. Here is how it works: The Program is A THOUGHT. It is the first thought that springs into action in the brain computer of our trained Negro soldiers and police when the image of poor Black people is invoked. Instantly the mind responds with scorn, detest, shame, contempt, disdain, loathing, and un-admitted hatred.
At the same time their love for tourists and anything white and foreign will increase to the extent that hatred for their own kind increases.

With this piece of software properly installed in their minds, their skin could be as black as hell, but they will mercilessly kill any human on two legs that does not have blue eyes and white skin. You can say that with this piece of software we have cloned our very own killing machines that are programmed to kill black.

So when we clothe our LEGAL GANGS with uniforms their trigger fingers will work without hesitancy, especially when they know that their uniforms give them the right and authority to murder with impunity.

FIRST DRAGON, The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection: These scum-bags are so sick in their heads that every time when we need it we can always find a sick Nigga who would kill another Nigga, just for rice and peas. We used them in the Ashanti wars, we used them in the Abyssinian wars, we used them as Buffalo soldiers against the Native Americans, we used them in Vietnam, we used them in Iraq, and we use them all across the Caribbean, and up to this very day all across the continent of Africa.

There will never be a shortage of COONS that can be found for the job of killing other Niggas.

SNOW WHITE-The Money God:
If I were to really tell you the truth, as much as we created these sick coons in uniform and maintain them, we still hate their guts as much as we do any other Nigga. At best we tolerate them because they are useful, but when the right time comes we will get rid of them the same way as we did with those hungry bastards in Tivoli.

But oh for the good old days when we did not have to bother about the rantings of these human rights activists. In my grandfather's days we would have cut off the heads of every rebel and hung them up on every street post leading into the city as we did in 1739 after the Stono rebellion in South Carolina, or in the many other places where slave rebellions had to be put down.

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: Such massacres usually help to keep the Negroes quiet for centuries, but open display of the severed heads of the victims is not good policy nowadays since the end of Apartheid. We need to keep up the image of change and find different ways to achieve the same ends.

In these times Image is everything. By maintaining a few well-publicized charities we can look like we are always the first to help the victim instead of being the ones that are responsible for the condition of the victim. Leave it to us and we can make Devils look like saints.

So as you can see, the Negroes will be confused by these tactics when they see that the guns that are killing them are held by the Black hands of their own family, and the Do-Gooders that are everywhere lavishly dishing out pity to Africans are the children of Snow White. Blurring the lines is always a very effective policy.
I repeat, Blurring the lines is always a very effective policy.


FIRST DRAGON, The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection: STATE TERRORISM definitely works, and that is why the majority of Negroes are petrified by the thought of rebellion. Long ago, the silent, crippling, invisible, unspoken fear of state terrorism has driven the minds of many Negroes to seek escape in a cloud of religious self-hypnotism, where they shun the struggle for earthly liberation and try to replace it with religious salvation.

Why do you think there have been so few slave rebellions on these plantations? After we have demonstrated time and again our ability to respond to rebellion with overwhelming force even the would-be revolutionaries who think they are "conscious" are apt to switch from revolution to religious immersion. Stripped of confidence in their ability to actualize the dream of freedom, it is not surprising when they fanatically resort to idol-worship and bury their minds in a religious bag in the hope that the myth of a super-man savior will one day come true....even if it takes another two-thousand years.

Our grandfathers always told us, if you want to continue living in paradise you have to KEEP TERROR IN THE HEART OF THE NIGGER. In fact Papa George used to say, hunt them with the dogs, hunt them with the police, hunt them with the courts, and then lynch them with the law.



STATE TERRORISM definitely works.

If we had killed off half of the population of Jamaica in the Tivoli Gardens massacre we would have been able to make it look legal, justifiable, and acceptable, and the rest of the population could have been made to clap their hands in congratulation. They would have buried the bodies of the slaughtered, and then afterwards they would have turned around and buried their own heads in the stupor of fear and ignorance, and continued with the business of the plantation as usual.

After we spin a lie about how devilish and drug-addicted the casualties were before they were slaughtered, the rest of the population will see our point of view and embrace it as their own, because the real truth is that we have their spiritual God-center totally locked down in a bottle.

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: But what about The Rastas? Their heads are not in the bottle that we have made, and they have been ressurrecting the teachings of that dangerous man Marcus Garvey whose ideas would have made Black people think as a nation and unite as a nation across all the artificial divisions that we have imposed to keep ourselves on top. If they are not dealt with very soon they will shatter the spell that we have labored so long to weave around the minds of our Negroes. I think they are dangerous and can jeopardise our long-term plans to sideline the Negro race while we exploit the vast resources of Africa for our benefit.

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: The Rastas? Not to worry. We are in the process of solving that problem. As you are aware, it has long been our policy to keep agents, look-outs, and informers in every corner of the plantation. So would you be surprised if I told you that we already have agents planted amongst The Rastas?

FIRST DRAGON, The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection: Great! but how was that accomplished? The Rastas were always known to be fiercely independent and antagonistic to outside penetration.

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: Not anymore. Since we have tightened the economic screws and created a situation of desperate economic need, it is no longer hard to buy a Rasta or to get right into the heart of Rasta councils. So it was not a problem planting some of our own trained espionage Negro soldiers in their midst.

FIRST DRAGON, The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection:Trained espionage soldiers right in the midst of Rasta councils? Wow! I thought that this could only happen to the beach-Rastas who are not so serious about their culture, but I never thought that the real serious ones could be penetrated.

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: As I have told you before, it is easy to manipulate and control economically-deprived people with the power of money. But what we have also discovered is that many of those that look genuine and authentic are not really as committed to the liberation of their own people in a serious way as they were before.

In their attempt to escape poverty, many of them found that their locks and eccentric image are proving to be a big hit amongst Caucasian thrill-seekers who have favors to bestow. They were thus faced with two choices: stay true to the non-commercialized "race first" Black nationalist philosophy that is unappealing to white thrill-seekers or adopt a more watered down one-love philosophy that white thrill seekers can comfortably embrace.

The first choice was bringing no money, the second choice was quite the opposite. It brought celebrity-hood, travel, some money but not too much, but it also brought the comforts of The Big House that are so hard to resist when compared to Shanty-town.

The Big House won the contest and thus began the new era of Rasta: a Rasta warrior in whose quiver is an arsenal of doctrines that have been carefully honed down to make them more commercially attractive. He has placed the Black nationalist Selassie in the magician's cap and brought out a version of Selassie that is sanitized for white consumption.

With the comforts of The Big House they naturally acquired many white Buddies, so they have found that they need to spearhead a teaching that goes like this: In the exclusively African congregation there is too much segregation. There needs to be more white participation so that we can walk in the way of our recently invented King who championed integration and not African nationalism.

This embrace of integration they say, is more important than bridging the great divides that we Caucasians have scientifically and systematically implanted between the Black peoples of the world to facilitate their continued exploitation.

SNOW WHITE THE MONEY GOD: Our great grand-fathers always told us to keep the economic lid tight on the negroes, because the economic lock-down can be more useful than a chain. At those times when you do open the lid just a little, the Negro will welcome you and confer honorary status on you like a savior.


SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: Since its earliest days we have also set in motion a strong current to drive the movement away from its original Black nationalist goals towards the direction of multi-racial religion. This has helped to make the movement far more open to penetration. It has helped to attract to the ranks of Rasta lots of disaffected church people who have turned their backs on the traditional church but still yearn for church. These do not really constitute a problem, because all they are really seeking is miraculous escape from bondage through prayer and beating of drums.

FIRST DRAGON, The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection: So then all we have to do is to look for the most influential Rastas and slip right into bed with them, and earn their trust and confidence with the help of some money. I am really pleased with this, because now we can coordinate the activities of our network of agents in the government and university with our agents amongst the Rastas. In this way we can direct the movement in any desired direction.

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: Yes, this policy has been going on for some years, and now we have steadily shifted the focus of Rastafari from Black nationalism to multi-racial religion. And as you may quite understand, this shift to religion inevitably became a shift to disunity and confusion and the sweetness of religion also became a dead-end.

If everything goes according to plan, in a few short years The Rastas will no longer be a significant force for African liberation. Our agents have been given instructions to sow discord and to destabilize them in such a way that each one will blame the other for the disunity and discord, not knowing the subtle ways in which the seeds of confusion are being sown on a daily basis.

Through the help of our special-agent under-cover soldiers, the formerly Afrocentric movement called Rastafari will have become a multi-racial religion that is unattractive to the people that it was intended to wake up, and more attractive to our white children who will run to it because of its harmless non-threatening-to-white-domination eccentricity. This can be tolerated in view of what we stand to achieve when we add so much milk to the Rasta's coffee that it is totally neutralized as a Black liberation movement. The more milk we add the more their liberation agenda will be replaced and sidelined by AGENDAS HATCHED IN OUR COUNTER-INTELLIGENCE OFFICES.

FIRST DRAGON, The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection: Well gentlemen, we have all learned a lot from this discussion, and I see why we were instructed to work hard to cause the teachings of Marcus Garvey to be de-emphasized, and to create the perception of Haile Selassie that he was a neutral color-blind guru.

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: The exclusively Black nationalist focus that Haile Selassie planted in The Ethiopian World Federation and Marcus Garvey cultivated in the United Negro Improvement Association posed the biggest threat to our colonial ventures on the continent of Africa, and in their early beginnings the Rastas were coming too dangerously near to resurrecting the visions and ambitions of Marcus Garvey.

And we all agree that by all means, Africans must be kept thinking in terms of their minority-ness instead of their global one-ness. Everything must be done to make sure that they never unite as a nation. They must be kep thinking as minorities, and it would help our agenda greatly if we can water down and dissolve Rastafari's Black nationalist ideals in a melting pot of assimilation and integration.

This struggle to reconfigure the Rasta way of thinking is crucial to pushing back the Black nationalist philosophy that Haile Selassie and Marcus Garvey so ardennly pioneered by founding such organizations like The Ethiopian World Federation, The United Negro Improvement Association, and the Organization of African Unity. They all caught on to the fact that building a united brotherhood of Africans is the first step towards resurrecting Africa from the deathbed of poverty and exploitation.

The Minister of Legal Terrorism and Plantation Protection: Wow, you have explained it in such a way that even a baby can understand. Now It is very clear to me why infiltrating the Rastas and watering down their strong Black nationalist coffee with milk was so important. It is also quite plain why you always urged us to use consistent police terror to help push the Rasta's away from their militant Black-Nationalist stance to a more multi-racial, watered-down, religious, non-threatening to white domination philosophy. It is all crucial to maintaining our control over the vast resources that were once the property of Africans.

SECOND DRAGON, The Minister of Guile and Deception and Social Manipulation: In the same way that we infiltrated Christianity and grafted on to it's body a new authoritative mouth-piece, we are in the process of using that same strategy to neutralize the liberation potential of Rastafari. From its main organized base in our territory we will be better able to authenticate our own watered-down version of Rastafari.

SNOW WHITE-The Money God: So my crafty co-conspirators, HA HA, we need say no more. Everyone fully understands what his role is in keeping this paradise afloat. While it may sound harsh to the human rights idealists it cannot be denied that


Inferior people cannot expect to be treated equally, and in any case somebody has to be at the bottom. That is just the way how it is. So keep this to yourself and LET'S KEEP THE CHAINS IN PLACE.


Thursday, June 03, 2010

“Our investment partners have recognised that this government is demonstrating it knows how to deal with the crime problem," Minister of Finance Audley Shaw told Bloomberg in a telephone interview."

"The United States welcomed the recent action by Government, prompted by Prime Minister Bruce Golding agreeing after nine months of drama to comply with the United States' extradition request for Christopher 'Dudus' Coke, reputed don of Tivoli Gardens."

"However the international media reports are raising questions about the deaths of 73 civilians in the West Kingston operation and the relationships between politicians and dons in Jamaica."




Gangs and Violence in Jamaica and Haiti
Posted on June 15, 2010 by The Global Realm
Gangs and Violence in Jamaica and Haiti
by Roger Annis
Socialist Voice
When police in Jamaica launched a bloody assault in May on poor neighbourhoods in the country’s capital city, news outlets in Canada responded with an ignorance and insensitivity that is all too common in their coverage of the Caribbean islands. As with Haiti, Jamaica is portrayed as incomprehensibly violent and not quite civilized.
Canada’s national broadcaster aired a 20-minute story1 on its morning radio newsmagazine, The Current, on May 28. Neither the host nor the two guests she interviewed sounded the slightest concern when she explained in her introduction that 73 people had been killed to date by the police assault. In fact, both guests welcomed the police action. “It was long overdue,” they chimed. “Criminal gangs in Jamaica have become too powerful.”
Astonishingly, one of the guests, Philip Mascoll, a former reporter for the Toronto Star, Canada’s largest distribution daily newspaper, said that Canadians should prepare for similar police action in poor housing projects in Toronto!
He prefaced his comment by saying, “People are going to hate me for saying this, but….” If the program host was fazed, she didn’t indicate.
Gangs and government in Jamaica
Carolyn Gomes, Executive Director of Jamaicans for Justice2, has a different, highly critical view of the police action. In a May 28 interview from Kingston aired on Democracy Now!, she told hosts Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez that for decades the Jamaican police have been a force outside the law that operates with “complete and total impunity.”
Last year, Gomes said, police killed an estimated 250 people. In the past decade, not a single officer has been charged with the deaths of any of the several thousand citizens who have died at police hands.
Jamaican writer and social critic Annie Paul wrote to Britain’s Channel 4 News on May 26:
“The situation in Jamaica is very complex. There are no clear good guys and bad guys here or elsewhere for that matter. No ‘evil empire’ that can easily be targeted and dismantled because the very governance system of the country has for decades been sharing power, so to speak, with dons or leaders such as Dudus [alias of Christopher Coke].
“Clearly the problem arose because the formal governance system, inherited from the British, left large segments of the poor literally unrepresented and voiceless before and after independence.
“The failure to include or extend the state’s protection and support to all segments of the population created space for alternate leaders to spring up because the excluded still needed security, justice systems, jobs among other things.
“This void was filled by so-called community leaders or godfather figures who used any means necessary to provide these basic necessities for the people in their respective neighbourhoods. It takes cash to care, as a popular political slogan goes, and it was inevitable that such leaders would turn to drugs and arms running, and other illicit sources of income to support their followers in the absence of any legal methods of doing so.”
Rise of post-independence radical action in Jamaica
Much of the influence of criminal gangs today dates back to the wave of political violence unleashed upon the country following the election of Prime Minister Michael Manley in 1972. He headed the People’s National Party, a social democratic party that sought modest reforms to ease the crushing poverty from which the majority of the population suffers.
Jamaica’s ruling elite and foreign backers waged a violent and debilitating assault on Manley’s government and party to prevent it from implementing reforms, combining paramilitary assaults on neighbourhoods supporting the PNP with sabotage of the country’s economy. Hundreds of Manley supporters perished and Jamaica’s economy was seriously crippled. It contracted by 25 percent from 1972 to 1980. Eventually, Manley’s government lost the national election of 1980.
The right-wing Jamaica Labour Party that replaced Manley is the very one that is in power today and that launched the murderous “anti-gang” assault in May . It is associated with criminal gangs that grew out of the paramilitary squads created to bring down the PNP government. David Rowe, a University of Miami adjunct professor and lawyer who specialises in Jamaican law, told the UK Independent that the Labour Party government and the gangs have an “almost symbiotic relationship”.
The memory and fear of the politically violent years of the 1970’s and 1980’s has been a considerable barrier to Jamaica embarking upon another experiment of socially progressive government. Manley and the PNP were elected again in 1989, but the party had by then abandoned any plans for radical social reform. Its rule from 1989 to 1992 proved a great disappointment to its supporters.
The rise of the PNP was part of a wave of social radicalism that swept across Latin America and the Caribbean in the 1960’s and 70’s, inspired by the anti-colonial and national liberation struggles in Africa and Asia, including the looming defeat of U.S. imperialism in Vietnam and the revolutionary trail blazed by Cuba beginning in 1959.
An important beachhead of the wave of radicalism was a social revolution in Chile spurred on by the election of Salvador Allende to the presidency in 1970. The bloody overthrow of Allende in 1973 by a military coup backed by the United States was a huge setback to social revolution in the region, but new victories were scored in 1979 with the coming to power of revolutionary movements in Nicaragua and the island of Grenada. These victories lent an added urgency to the U.S.-led effort to unseat Manley and the PNP.
Self-defense is not gang violence
During the 1970’s and 1980’s, self-defense initiatives were taken by poor and PNP-supporting communities, first against the violent campaign to overthrow Manley, then against the deepening impoverishment of most working people that followed the 1980 election.
The government of Edward Seaga (popularly nicknamed “CIAga” for his close ties to successive U.S. administrations) that followed Manley implemented one of the first national programs of structural adjustment in an underdeveloped country, policies that are today termed neoliberalism.
The imperialist-imposed “adjustments” in Jamaica consisted of relaxing conditions on foreign investment and industry; opening markets to the import of cheaper, typically heavily-subsidized, food products and other goods and services; dismantling of public enterprises and services; and an accompanying drastic reduction in the living standards of the majority of the population. Not coincidentally, this is also the period when the trade and transit of illegal drugs first gained a strong foothold in Jamaica.
The community organizations and popular self-defense committees that had arisen in poor neighbourhoods in the face of the assault on the Manley government, and the new ones that arose post-1980, were obliged to assume responsibilities for social and other community services as these were progressively abandoned by the Labour Party government and its foreign backers.
The gangs that settled into a comfortable association with the Labour Party government also assumed certain measures of social role in poor neighbourhoods as part of the price of gaining territory and foot soldiers for their new-found, lucrative criminal dealings. Furthermore, with the political retreat of the PNP leaders from a radical social program, the distinction between community organizations of political/social origin and those of anti-social origin became blurred over time.
Jamaica and Haiti
There are a lot of parallels to be drawn with the recent history of Haiti. There, mainstream media presents a superficial image of near-incomprehensible gang violence running rampant in poor neighbourhoods. This has been the one, overriding theme of news coverage by Canada’s national broadcaster and other corporate media ever since the election in the year 2000 of President Jean-Bertrand Aristide.
Yet, social violence in Haiti has come almost exclusively from the country’s elite, its paramilitary forces, and their foreign backers in Washington, Ottawa and Paris.
In his excellent 2008 book, Damming the Flood: Haiti, Aristide and the Politics of Containment, author Peter Hallward documents the violence that descended on Haiti following the 2000 election and was then intensified following the overthrow of Aristide in 2004. He draws a sharp distinction between the violent, paramilitary gangs that attacked the government and its supporters, on the one hand, and the organizations of self defense that arose in response, on the other.
Several political activists explained to Hallward, “In Haiti, as a rule, when you defend the interest of the people you are treated as a criminal, whether your name is Dessalines, Peralte or Wilme.” The latter was a community activist who was assassinated in July 2005 by UN soldiers; the former were two of Haiti’s historic anti-slavery and anti-colonial leaders.
The peoples of Jamaica and Haiti share a profound history. Their ancestors fought long and hard against the slave empires of the Americas, at times seeking alliances between each other. Haiti’s revolt against Spain, Britain and France was astonishingly successful. It wrote one of the most inspiring chapters in modern human history. Jamaica’s was not; the country did not gain independence from Britain until 1962.
Both countries have faced relentless, big power intervention in their internal affairs to prevent socially progressive government from gaining a foothold and expanding. Both are still waiting for a semblance of economic justice and independence.
From the Jamaican and Haitian experience, one sees that gang phenomena receive varied treatment from foreign powers and their media. Criminal gangs are tolerated so long as they abide their place and do not embarrass or encroach upon the business world of their sponsors. Sometimes, as in Jamaica, they must be curbed when the U.S. master requires a publicity show for its phony war on drugs.
Self defense efforts that arise when poor people and neighbourhoods are obliged to defend themselves against institutional violence are, however, never tolerated. What the CBC and others condemn as gang violence is in many cases the desperate effort of some of the poorest and most oppressed people in the world to protect themselves against the real perpetrators of violence, the imperial overlords of their countries.
Roger Annis is a member of the Canada Haiti Action Network in Vancouver BC. He can be reached at [email protected].