The Art of Ras Jahaziel I Iktor Tafari







A slideshow of paintings from the Rastafari Visions collection



What motivates the artist?

This is an important question that

the viewer should ask, because

in the case of this artist, the answer will

open a door to the inside, allowing the unfettered mind

to gain an intimate appreciation of

the cause that is much more important than the artist

or the painting itself.



Put yourself in a meditative frame of mind

and view this slideshow with the music player turned on.


The question will be answered.


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Presenting a collection of art that spans more than thirty years in the making.


Inspired by the teachings, songs, and culture of Rastafari.


Now available as ready-mounted open edition prints


on canvas, acrylic, metal, and wood in a wide range of sizes

Also available on a wide range of items like puzzles,

shower curtains, IPhone cases, etc.

click on images to purchase prints

THE VISION of Ras Jahaziel I Iktor Tafari
the uprising of African consciousness
By Ras Jahaziel
By Ras Jahaziel
By Ras Jahaziel
By Ras Jahaziel
By Ras Jahaziel